We have a system in place where home owners who are happy with the services of their house sitters can leave a reference or testimonial in the form of a review for them. You will see these reviews on the bottom of some of the house sitters profile pages. Not all have them however as only registered Mindahome home owners can leave reviews this way. Sitters without reviews on the Mindahome website may not have been with us long enough to acquire them yet. Those with references from other sources can save them as a document file and upload them to their control panel where they can be attached to messages they send as well as the bottom of their profile page. Instructions for this are on the 'How to' page of the sitters control panel.

We do not have sitters listed with us that have bad reviews as we prefer not to have bad sitters listed with us at all. If we get any complaints about a sitter we investigate and if justified will remove them from the site altogether. The same applies to home owners but we don't have a review system for them just yet however it is coming.